Qatar is sending 10,000 mobile homes that were used as accommodation during the 2022 World Cup to areas hit by earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

Almost 40,000 people are believed to have died in two quakes that struck the two countries a week ago.

More than one million people have been left homeless in Turkey and the number could be much higher in Syria, aid organisations have warned.

Rescue operations are beginning to wind down in the two countries.

The Qatari Fund for Development – a government body responsible for international development and foreign aid – tweeted a video of the first batch of accommodation being sent to affected areas.

A Qatari official said: “The plans of the 2022 World Cup always intended for such temporary accommodations to be donated.

“However in view of the urgent needs in Turkey and Syria, we have taken the decision to ship our cabins and caravans to the region, providing much needed and immediate support to the people of Turkey and Syria.”